Drupal 7 Admin Menu Tweaks

Tweaks provided by Ed Sawyer (Thanks Ed!)

Basically, after installing their stock acquia dev stack, I then installed:

  • Drupal 7.2 (their stack comes with 7.0)
  • Views
  • Views Bulk Operations
  • Devel
  • Coder
  • Ctools
  • Administration Menu

drush commands:

  • Update Drupal core: drush up
  • Download Modules: drush dl views_bulk_operations, devel, coder, ctools, admin_menu
  • Enable Modules: drush en views_bulk_operations, devel, coder, ctools, admin_menu

There is an issue where Administration Menu acts funny with Administration Views enabled. The solution is to either disable Administration Views, or apply this patch: a href="http://drupal.org/node/1008380#comment-4432832">http://drupal.org/node/1008380#comment-4432832

I applied the patch but still had some minor issues so I turned off Administration Views for now. (it allows editing system views – not something we do often).

As far as configuring it, the way to improve performance and make things behave like we are used to involves turning off the following core modules:

  • Toolbar (only turn this off if you are using Admin Menu)
  • Overlay

Next, I moved the Add Content menu from under the Navigation menu parent to under the Administration ->Content menu as it’s parent. This re-enables the ability to create content directly from the Administration Menu, which has been removed by default from the recent versions of Adminsitration Menu (for various reasons).

These tweaks bring the D7 stack more in line with what we are expecting to see. One cool thing that D7 has is a WYSIWYG interface for loading and installing new modules. So you can grab the above modules and install them directly from within the admin interface for Drupal, no need to FTP/gunzip/copy/paste/etc. Like we do now. The admin interface for new modules is at: http://localhost:8082/admin/modules/install

The above changes/tweaks may not be needed, but they definitely improve their stock acquia dev stack, and make the interface and functionality more like what we are used to with our D6 installs.