So Much To Do, So Much To Learn

Putting together a community-oriented online television channel is turning out to be a lot harder on the technical side than the content side. As soon as I put the word out that I was looking for content for Bare Arts Media, interested folks began coming out of the woodwork. Writers, Filmmakers, Documentarians (is that a word?... Drupal doesn't think so), and a plethora of people willing and interested in this venture. It's really quite gratifying. I mean, that's the whole point really. This concept was brought about by the bounty of great work being done right here in the seacoast of New Hampshire and Southern Maine (and North of Boston as well, no point in leaving them out!). After canceling cable and relying on and Netflix, I found that there was no shortage of great content, but I missed things like Discovery Channel, A&E, and even PBS. But the NH Media Makers Meetup ( cured me of those longings. Once I realized that there is so much wonderful, creative, exciting work being done right here in my backyard I couldn't shut-up about the idea. Cooking shows, documentaries, student films, shorts, features, animation, live-performances, and on and on and on. It's all being done here, and it's really, really good! I'm very excited. That may be apparent. The difficulty lies in the technical implementation. There are a slew of solutions out there: Mogulus (now called Livestream), Vimeo, Blip, etc. But none of them are exactly what I want. I may go with something like that for the time being, to get up and running, but in the long run I want to be able to deliver both on-demand and live-streaming content, as well as user-login capability and other schmancy gadgets I have in mind, all of which should make for a pretty nifty user-experience. So here's my plea ... if you're an IPTV expert, a streaming video guru, then please contact me. I need your advice and input. I need someone to lift the veil of how sites like and the major networks deliver their solutions, and then learn how I can do it on a shoestring budget in my spare time. If that's not a challenge worthy of a brilliant mind then what is? I can be reached at: Can't wait to hear from you!