Drupal.org: the Liquid, Social Network

Just a quick post to share this article: Drupal has a Liquid Network, from the GoodWheelMedia blog. It expounds the virtues of the Drupal community as one that is " flexible without being rigid", creating a balanced environment that provides enough structure to capture lessons-learned and share information while still allowing the random connections between contributors and ideas that can result in brilliant innovations.

Although the Drupal community can be a bit overwhelming and requires a lot of time to dig through, I find that the more time I spend working in it the more benefits it yields, primarily through contact with other people sharing the same, or parallel goals. So if you're new to Drupal and are staring up at the giant pile of links and articles to immerse yourself in, take heart. You're not alone. Go out and find some other Drupalers/Drupalists, crack open a frosty beverage and some snacks, and start digging through that pile together. And together, you may just create the next great thing.


P.S. If you live in or around the seacoast New Hampshire area then come join us in our Drupalistic endeavors at the Seacoast NH Drupal Users Group meetup! Check here for dates for this or other user groups in New Hampshire.