Open Says-a-Me!

Open Source is the way of the future. It's just true. There was a time when only the elite received education. Then it became plain that society as a whole benefits and advances when education is available to the public. The same theory applies to technology. When a tool is made freely available, people find better and more innovative ways to use it. The internet saw this with images when browsers first grew out of their text-only roots, and now it's beginning to happen with video. Take a few minutes to watch this interview on with Mike Hudak (CEO and co-founder of, in which he describes what a codec is and how the Ogg Theora video standard is about to begin re-defining how we use the web. What the hell is Ogg Theora and Why Should We Care? It's informative and engaging, even though Mike's shifting from side-to-side is a little distracting. Could be he was just caught on the way to john. Anyhow, it's worth a watch. Another fascinating example of Open Source video software (and how it can actually generate income) is Kaltura. This open source video suite of tools is available as a module for the Drupal content management system (which this site is currently running on). I'm very anxious to spend lots and lots and lots of time reading about this and learning how to leverage it for the (upcoming) BareArtsMedia channel. Right now it seems like this might the solution that provides the most flexibility, even though the learning curve seems a little steep right now. We shall see, we shall see.