The ant and the grasshopper and Kevin

I am jealous of ants. I've never felt that way before (Except maybe their proportional strength... that would be awesome). My feelings about ants have ranged from indifference to annoyance to vehemence when they invade my washing machine. Today I stepped outside for a brief moment to get a breath of fresh air, soak in a little sun and stand on the tiny patch of grass between the parking lot and my office building. I looked down and within the scope of my peripheral vision observed what must be hundreds of tiny ants, not piled on top of one another but moving around, doing their busy thing. I was suddenly struck with a sharp pang of jealousy. There they were, following their instincts, doing what they are driven to do, and busily spending their time in that little patch of scruffy grass and dirt. That little spot which was my brief reprieve from my chair, desk and computer screen, which gave me a moment of relief and pleasure... that's where they spend their whole day. Now, I'm not saying that ants have it made, but recalling the parable of the ant and the grasshopper, then realizing that I'm jealous of the *ant*... well, let's just say I'm reassessing things. So please, if you have the opportunity, get outside, put your feet on the Earth, take a deep breath, and try not to step on the ants, okay?