Web Development Portfolio

Please Note: This portfolio excludes internal projects that are not available for public viewing or which contain proprietary materials. Only publicly-facing websites will be displayed here.


The National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment, Inc. - New Drupal 8 site

Project Under Development

Description of Task: Worked with designer to build new Drupal 8 site for an educational assessment organization leveraging new core and contributed modules, Bootstrap and custom theme code.

Unitil Corporation - Maintainance and enhancements for utility company Drupal site

Description of Task: Worked with client agency on Drupal 7 site to create new custom content, troubleshoot 3rd party interconnections and feeds, design and build new functionality and provide ongoing site maintenance and updates.

Medullan, Inc - Drupal architectural consultation and development training

Project Under Development

Description of Task: Provided Drupal 7 architectural input and review for early-stage e-commerce project, code-review/troubleshooting and training for remote development team covering PHP, Drupal site-building and custom module development standards and practices.

Guyana Telephone & Telegraph - New Drupal 7 website for telecommunications company

Description of Task: Worked with client agency to assist in building a new telecommunications company website leveraging Paragraphs, Display Suite, javascript plugins and custom theme development.

Pati-Air - Site Enhancements for Air testing business website in Drupal

Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc
Description of Task: Created new Contact form, provided miscellaneous design and functional enhancements, additional SEO optimization and analytics functionality.


NBC Affiliate Marketing - Create new content type to aggregate News & Events content for affiliate stations on Drupal 7 site

NBC Affiliate Marketing
Description of Task: Worked with client agency to modify a Drupal 7 site to aggregate News & Event content onto a single page to be shared by affiliate stations via iframe. Enhanced a number of content types to fit the new workflow; built custom modules to handle embedded video from various sources and to provide short-codes for users to easily leverage the YouTube API to add YouTube channels with specific thumbnail images.

Comcast Spotlight Mobile - Revisions to mobile website app in Wordpress

Comcast Spotlight
Description of Task: Worked with client agency to revise and add sections of content to Wordpress site which serves a mobile application, including custom plugins for javascript quiz and slider functionality, animation, video embedding and dynamic, responsive image placement.

Gibsons Bookstore - New responsive theme and functionality for Drupal 7 multi-site

Gibsons Bookstore
Description of Task: Overhauled independent bookstore website adding new responsive theme with customized styles and javascript interfaces, content types, views and revised content in a Drupal 7 multi-site environment. Provided staff training for website maintenance and content creation.

Cheetah-Medical - promotional landing page with infographic

Cheetah Medical Sepsis landing page
Description of Task: Built a landing page attached to a Drupal 7 site, leveraging existing theme assets in a stand-alone page for optimal performance, with customized contact form.

Cheetah-Medical - custom report for course and quiz data

Cheetah Medical
Description of Task: Created custom SQL query code to generate a report for inaccessible Course and Quiz result data in a Drupal 7 site.

Comcast Recroom - Geo-targeted events & sweepstakes website in Drupal

Comcast Recroom
Description of Task: Worked with client agency to build custom modules to provide event & sweepstakes registration and submission tracking functionality and manage geo-targeted event search in Drupal 7.

Medispend - Financial Expense Tracking web-application in Drupal

Description of Task: Worked with service provider to make numerous enhancements and perform maintenance on Drupal 6 web-based expense-tracking application.

Pati-Air - Air testing business website in Drupal

Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc
Description of Task: Worked with partner to implement design in a Drupal theme on a new Drupal 7 website.

The Naming Project - youth summer camp website in Wordpress

The Naming Project
Description of Task: Worked collaboratively with client to design and build a fully responsive Wordpress site.


Working Earth - landscape business website in Wordpress

Working Earth
Description of Task: Worked with a creative agency to build a fully responsive Wordpress site based on their design for the client.

MV Mosquito & Tick - pest-control business website in Wordpress

MV Mosquito & Tick
Description of Task: Worked with a creative agency to build a fully responsive Wordpress site based on their design for the client.

JASC Chicago - cultural organization website in Wordpress

JASC Chicago
Description of Task: Worked with a partner agency to build a fully responsive Wordpress site based on the design provided.

Community Coffee 95th Anniversary Facebook App

Community Coffee History
Description of Task: Worked with client agency to build a parallax page illustrating an animated timeline of the history of Community Coffee (Click the "History" button in the app to visit the History page and scroll down for the fun).

Empower Fitness Coaching - membership website in Drupal

Empower Fitness
Description of Task: Assisted client agency in building a membership application in Drupal 7 for fitness coaches and their clients to interact, set goals and track progress.

UUMA Connect - membership website in Drupal

UUMA Connect
Description of Task: Assisted client agency by enhancing a custom login Drupal 7 module to pull member data info from a 3rd party system and sync local instance.

2011 - 2013

Stonyfield Farm - Digital Marketing
Stonyfield Farm Website
Description of Task: Worked on various elements of design, theme and module development, upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.
Stonyfield "The Yogurt Dish" Blog
Description of Task: Upgraded Wordpress site to new version with entirely new design and additional functionality.
Browncow Farm Website
Description of Task: Updated and maintained large Drupal code-base, added new content, improved code cleanliness.

Bare Arts Media
Bare Arts Media website
Description of Task: Designed & developed a Drupal 7 site for an organization profiling local artists and highlighting a holiday art faire, theme development, site building, copywriting, intake forms.

Seacoast Roller Derby
Seacoast Roller Derby website
Description of Task: Troubleshooting/upgrade Wordpress version, plugin vetting/cleanup, theme development, content updates and maintenance, content type creation.


University of New Hampshire – Web Solutions
UNH Disability Services (designed & built, Drupal)
Inquiry Journal (built 2011 issue for web & print, Dreamweaver)
Discovery (updates, maintenance & training, Drupal)
USNH (updates, maintenance, Drupal)
Chemistry (reviewed/edited site & mentored work-study, Drupal)
Physics (reviewed/edited site & mentored work-study, Drupal)
Inclusive (migrated from HTML to Drupal)
Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Biology (update, developed new content-types, Drupal)
Lecture Capture (built blog, Drupal)
(Minor edits/updates on numerous other sites within the University)

Description of Task: Supported the UNH Web Solutions team as a web developer and Drupal research/best-practices evangelist. Performed site development, maintenance, updates and research and document Drupal best practices; trained and supported internal University clients on Drupal site ownership and maintenance. Mentored and oversaw work-study students.


KevinBaringer.com – Personal Drupal Blog
KevinBaringer.com website
Description of Task: Deployed a Drupal 6 installation using the Blog module and modified the theme with custom graphics. Also created a "projects" subdirectory from which to share projects with clients before they are handed off.

Minuteman National Park – Muster Rolls of Participating Companies of American Militia and Minute-Men in the Battle of April 19, 1775
URL: http://www.kevinbaringer.com/projects/minutemansearch/
Description of Task: Built and populated a MySQL database of Revolutionary War Minutemen with data from the book The Battle of April 19, 1775 compiled by Frank Warren Coburn. Created PHP code objects that can be embedded in an existing site to provide search capability for the database.